Business Formations
Whether you are just starting your business or now deciding to create a business entity for an existing venture, we are here to assist your business with planning, forming, implementing, and maintaining the correct business entity to suit your business.

Our Business Formations and Succession Planning services include filing the appropriate government and organizational documents, as well as drafting agreements between business owners addressing capital contributions to the business, owner and employee roles in the business, and defining how the business will operate and for what duration. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations – don’t hesitate to contact the firm to discuss your business needs.

Business Planning and Growth

In the event your business is growing or seeking to expand, we provide legal counsel on how to properly and effectively establish the structure for that growth. Let’s meet to discuss what growth strategies are best suited for your business so you can focus on growing the business. Business Formations and Succession Planning should not be put off to a later date.

Succession Planning

Planning for the transfer of a business interest upon the happening of some future event such as sale, retirement, disability, divorce, or death is imperative to the continued success of your business. Despite its importance, this type of planning is frequently neglected by business owners.

Addressing these issues in advance will save all interested parties time and money, and potentially avoid litigation in the future. Defining the transition of your business by creating a buy-sell agreement or other applicable documents will lend certainty to the current owners and any potential buyer. Additionally, business succession planning and estate planning go hand-in-hand to plan for the transfer of your wealth at a later date.  Contact
the firm today to discuss these important planning matters of business formations and succession planning.

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